Vision of a healthier life

Swiss Pharmaceutical Investment is a dynamic Swiss-American company profiting from many years of international know-how in the pharmaceutical industry. The mission of Swiss Pharmaceutical Investment is to provide an information and investment platform for innovative research and development projects with the potential of bringing specific health benefits to people all over the world.

Inspiration in tradition and history.
Commitment to progress.

Swiss Pharmaceutical Investment identifies itself with traditional European cultural and social values. One of the key domains of Swiss Pharmaceutical Investment is identification of less well-known, but historically proven intellectual values created by an unconventional and innovative approach. By applying modern development procedures, Swiss Pharmaceutical Investment further extends and enriches these values.

Global market, local approach.

The key added value is high quality transformation of know-how from source to target markets, together with profound localization and adjustment to the conditions of target markets. This process is conducted in close cooperation with strategic local partners. The company benefits from the synergistic effects of its global presence and its business philosophy is based upon utilization of the principles of the free market.

Ethical values.

Swiss Pharmaceutical Investment governs activities of multiple trade and research and development groups. In line with the principles of protection of its intellectual and industrial property values, Swiss Pharmaceutical Investment acts primarily through its partner companies. Commercialization takes place according to the legal and ethical principles of the respective areas. Through specific projects the company funds a large number of charities and humanitarian activities.


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